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Gent.le Cliente, la informiano che i nostri uffici resteranno chiusi per ferie dal 7 al 26 Agosto. Riprenderà la regolare attività il 28 Agosto. Per la vendita dell'usato, il nostro reparto commerciale è comunque a disposizione al numero telefonico 335.8419935 (Luigi Muzzolon). We are on holiday from 07/08/2016 until 26/08/2016. ×
  •  Piston for FL14E Photo 1
  •  Piston for FL14E Photo 2
  •  Piston for FL14E Photo 3
  •  Piston for FL14E Photo 4
  •  Piston for FL14E Photo 5
 Piston for FL14E Photo 1}
 Piston for FL14E Photo 2}
 Piston for FL14E Photo 3}
 Piston for FL14E Photo 4}
 Piston for FL14E Photo 5}
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Piston for FL14E


Used equipment for sale: Piston sold by OLM 90 Srl

  • Type:
  • Suitable for:
  • General Condition:
    (Very Good)
  • Description:
    General very good condition used equipment, ready for use.
  • Price: Call for Price
  • Dealer:

    OLM 90 Srl

  • OLM 90 Srl is a trading company, from La Botte di Guidonia (Rome - Italy), found by Muzzolon Luigino and Leuci Otello, mainly focused on the business of used earth moving machines.
  • Address:
    Via Colle Nocello, 53 - 00012 La Botte di Guidonia (RM) - Italy
  • Vat Number:
  • Telephone:
  • Telephone:
  • Fax:
    (+39) 0774.324635
  • Languages Spoken:
    Italian, English, Spanish, French, Romanian